Lex (Administrator)
Design updated and new functions added
As you may have noticed, image*after has a slightly updated design. The site now is much wider, allowing space for more images and more information on a single page.

A few new features have also been added - you can now directly download the hires version of an image by clicking on the little "download" icon below its thumbnail. Also, you can now add an image to your clippings without refreshing the page.

The clippings page has also been revamped. Apart from a few usability improvements, it allows you to add selected clippings to a zip file and download them all in one go (with a maximum of 300 images per day).

Note: for many of these functions, your browser needs to have javascript turned on.
Tristan (Administrator)
Design updated and new functions added
it is also possible to download the high resolution image via the download icon while viewing the large image popup.
Stefan (Administrator)
Problems with the new design?
Is Image*After showing kinda strange after this design update?
Try holding down the shift key while pressing reload in your browser.
This will cause your cache to be emptied - and allow IA to be viewed properly Smile
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Design updated and new functions added
Hi Kristine, thanks for your input.
I think though that the problem should have been solved by now; it's been a while since the redesign.

Btw. Please keep links to non-personal sites out of your signature, otherwise you'll risk banning - I removed it for now.
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