How to register to the forum
To post messages on the image*forum you first have to register. The register button is in the upper left hand corner of the forum:
After clicking the register button you will be presented with the register page. To create your account we need some information about you. Username, Password and E-mail are requiered fields.
After filling in the requiered field and clicking the send button you will receive an confirmation email. Click the link in this email to confirm you registration. Your account is now active and you are automatically logged in and ready to post messages on the forum.
How to log in to the forum
When you first register you are automatically logged in to the forum. If you delete your cookies or want to login on other computer you have to log in again. The log in fields are accessible from every page on image*after. Fill in you username in de "login.." field and password in the field next to it and press enter or click the little dot next to the password field:
You can now post messages.
How to post/reply to a message
First select a category which best suits your message:
Click on the 'New thread' button to create a new thread:
You now can type your message. Do not forget to add a title to your post.
You can add different kind of text styles to your message. For example if you want to make a word bold you have 2 ways to achieve this. One way is to select the word or words you want to make bold:
Then click the bold button:
You now see the part you have selected has [b] [/b] tags before and after you selected part:
When you press 'post message' these tags will dissapear and the text will be bold:
Alternatively you can first click the bold button, type your text and click the bold button a second time to close the tag or click the 'close tag' button.

You can add emoticons to your post simply by clicking on them. Emoticons do not need closing and will also be replaced by an image when you click the 'post message' button.
If you want to attach a file or image to your post you can do this by first clicking the 'browse' button next to either the 'attach file' field or the 'attach image' field to browse you computer for the image or file you want to attach:
When you found your file/image click 'open' in the browse window. After this click the 'attach' button next to the browse button to actually attach the file/image. You can add 10 images or 10 files to your post.
When you want to receive an email when someone replies to you thread or the thread you replied to you must check the 'subscribe to thread' checkbox
Forum guidelines
The Image*After forum is open to everyone of every age without restrictions. Please keep this in mind and try to behave civil and polite.
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