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In the 'image' directory you can expect free high resolution images of objects, places, animals, mechanics, insects, signs, circuits and plants etc. All stock photos can be freely downloaded and used in you commercial or personal works. The size of the images range from 1600x1200 to 2560x1920. Although some images are fit for wallpaper on your desktop, most images are raw unprocessed and sometimes even out of focus. This is done deliberately. We could never determine what images are usefull or not for your projects. All images are in jpg or jpeg format. We do not recompress the images anymore. The way you see them thats the way they came out of our nikon digital cameras. However we did not made all the images on the site. Currently only a small part of our collection is madeup by donations from visitors. This amount wil certainly grow in the future. People who donate images agreed to give up their rights to the images and that the images are theirs to give away.
architecture exteriors
architecture_exteriors In this category you will find pictures of the outside of buildings, churches, ruins, aqueducts. assortment of styles including gothique, modernism, urbanism and europran from architects like Rem Koolhaas, Frank Lloyd etc.
architecture interiors
architecture_interiors Here you will find pics of the inside of buildings, homes and kitchens etc. Interior's styles including victorian, deco, Indian, castle, Georgian, mediterranean. But by interiors we also mean insides of planes, trains or dollhouses.
art paintings
art_paintings Photographs of paintings are useful by itself for use in game levels or maps as decoration of your virtual buildings etc. But paint on canvas can be a very nice addition to your own work. Photoshop transparency effects will do wonders in combination with
art sculptures
art_sculptures Images of statues or sculptures can be used as a base of a 3D model. You could use them as reference or use image based modeling were you begin with an image imported in a 3D program like 3DS Max, Maya Lightwave etc and start fleshing out the outlines of
blurs The photo category "blurs" are partly our collection of photographic blunders that still look cool! Sometimes we like to play a bit with of shutter speed on purpose and those results will either be found in blurs or probably in light_fx. Blurs in photogra
industry In this category you will find pictures of chimneys, smoke, steel, sparks, gauges and silos etc. Environmentalists will probably find this a useful category.
mechanics Images of how machines gadgets or vehicles look on the inside. It's amazing how beautiful the parts of everyday machines can be (to designers at least)and they are not even made to be seen. Enige blocks, gears, cranes, valves and dials expect them here.
nature animals birds
nature_animals_birds Pictures of birds. From doves to birds of prey with colourful feathers or dull camouflage. Our feathered friend fall in this category. Even a collection of bird eggs are on display here along with their dutch names.
nature animals insects
nature_animals_insects Bugs beetles and insects. Creepy crawlers and beautiful butterflies (with or without pin) are available here. We also added the spiders (arachnid) and snails in this category.
nature animals land
nature_animals_land Images of sheep, horses chicken, turtles, alligators, chicken all animals that to some extend cling to the land or at least on that particular photo.
nature animals sea
nature_animals_sea Photos of marine life. Shells, fish, jellyfish at the coast in aquariums but generally in the vicinity of the ocean.
nature characters humanoids
nature_characters_humanoids Humans in the broadest sense of the word. From barbie dolls to fetus. From shadow to garden dwarf. If it looks human it ends up in this category.
nature characters humanparts
nature_characters_humanparts Is it part part of a human or a human apart. Ears, fingers, skin we all collect them here ;)
nature characters misc
nature_characters_misc Dolls, stuffed animals, cartoon characters or action figures end up here.
nature elements
nature_elements Earth, Fire, Air, Water. We have taken the liberty to add a few thinks to them like skies, ice, clouds and snow.
nature extinct
nature_extinct With extinct we do not actually mean 'gone the way of the dinosaurs' but more generally dead gone and decaying. You will find skulls bones and less decomposed former organic beings. Not to be browsed at lunch time.
nature food
nature_food Chow time! Food be it raw or prepared. Raw, rare or extremely well done. Fish, fries, eggs, carrots or apples. This category is for some parts closely related with nature extinct ;)
nature landscapes
nature_landscapes Photographs of landscapes, Irish landscapes, Scottish landscapes, urban landscapes or seascapes everything that stretches to yonder horizon. You will also find some panoramas here.
nature minerals
nature_minerals Images of bare minerals or cut stones. Gems, crystals, pyrite's, emeralds. Shiny rocks go here
nature plants
nature_plants Photos of natures flora resides here. Plants, shrubs, bushes, flowers, cacti and seeds.
nature trees
nature_trees Photographs of trees, branches, Christmas trees, tropical trees, fern, spruce and willows or parts of forests.
nature underwater
nature_underwater Mainly images of underwater plant life, underwater scenery etc.
objects Pics of objects, items of use in the broadest sense of the word.
objects circuits
objects_circuits Photos of technological items and closeups. Wires, IC's circuits, plugs, LED's, switch boards, displays.
objects household
objects_household Images of chairs, vacuum cleaners canned food etc.
objects signs
objects_signs Photographs of signs involve traffic signs, pictograms, icons, arrows warnings etc.
scripts Images of scripts can include typefaces, typography, letters and text on objects, packaging etc.
vehicles air
vehicles_air Photos of everything that flies and is not organic. Planes, jets, fighters, airliners, helicopters. Military or civilian planes.
vehicles land
vehicles_land Pics of vehicles that move over land. Trains, cars, bikes and buses
vehicles water
vehicles_water Photos of all kinds vehicles that move on water. Boats, hovercrafts, jet skis and the like.
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