Tristan (Administrator)
Color filter added!
We have just implemented a color filter to imageafter. To see this feature in action just go to a category or do a search. Next to the 'sort by' dropdown you will find the 'filter by' dropdown. When you select a color from this drop down it will filter out all images that do not have that color.

Shortly we will add a page that enables you to use the color filter function on all of imageafter's images and textures at once in stead of just in a category or search result.

Why not give it a try?
Lex (Administrator)
All images by color
The page Tristan mentioned is now online. Use the "extra's" dropdown menu and choose "by color". You will now get an overview of all main colors used in the collection. Simply click on one to view all images belonging to that color.
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Color filter added!
Oh yes; it's functioning sweeeet!
RE: Color filter added!
wow, you guys frigg'n great. I can't wait to use this feature Smile
RE: Color filter added!
Great Very Happy Extremely useful. Thanks!
Lex (Administrator)
Color filter not working on OS X Safari
We've noticed that the color dropdown which you can see in Tristan's first post doesn't work on Safari on Mac OS X. The dropdown box doesn't show the background colors but OS X's default color instead.

Since a lot of our visitors use Safari, we would appreciate it if a Mac designer knows of a way to use background colors / images in <select> and <option> tags in Safari.

We will use a temporary solution until we get this sorted out.
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