The Downward Spiral
I've traveled down this staircase before, as many of us have.
Drawn in Photoshop CS in about 2 hours with 14 layers.

This is a desktop pic I made it's at 1600x1200
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: The Downward Spiral
Hey cool! stairways to hell Wink cool how you simplyfied the image by darkening certain parts and thereby bringing the focus even more to the red part an so making a far more effective image, composition wise.

Well done!
RE: The Downward Spiral
That is very cool. Smile
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: The Downward Spiral
So, you've actually made the staircase longer. Cool job!
Nice touch also the orange in the middle.
RE: The Downward Spiral
Ooo - found the original
RE: The Downward Spiral
Very Very nice Smile
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