Clarification of Terms
Hello and thanks for a great resource!

You mention in your terms that redistribution of textures may be done in printed work. Does this also apply to online redistribution when used to texture a 3d model?

I have created a model set that will be used for an online free form sci-fi story. I would like to use some of the textures I have seen here and include them in the final package that I will upload to one website. All the members that download the set will then have access to the same textures. This would constitute redistribution online.

Image After would, of course, be credited as the texture source.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I do not wish to cause any proprietory or copyright violations.
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Clarification of Terms
Our photos and textures are there to be used, please do so in any way you can.
The only real restriction we have that you are not allowed to use our images to directly compete with us (for instance set up a site like image*after and use our photos as a collection).

In your case this is clearly not the case, so please feel free to use them as you see fit.
You don't even have to credit us (although of course you are allowed to Tongue).

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