The Light Compressor
I like to make strange images by combining all kinds of stuff (from images to scanned trash) - lately mostly image after photos because they are so easy to get... (Thank you, by the way.)

I find making these images very relaxing since I can't really use the same kind of creativity with my work. Some creativity of course but there are only few clients that want surrealistic imagery... Wink Nowadays I tend to start my day with playing with images and combining them. Sometimes I might make many images, sometimes nothing comes up - but still it's a good way to start a day.

The image attached is called "The Light Compressor". Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what images I used but there are about five different photos. The image of the wall with those (electric?) thingies has been rotated 90 degrees cw. The trees are taken of one winter image. + There are two sky images and one image of a fence in snow. + Then there are some drawing, colouring and using masks involved.

There are a few of those images viewable through
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Well... it seems that I can't get the image attached?
Lex (Administrator)
RE: The Light Compressor
Hi colorianna. There are two ways to attach files to your post - the first is for documents such as zips or pdfs ("Attach File" ), the second for images ("Attach Image" ), which also generates a small thumbnail along with your post. I've download the attachement and reattached it as an image for you - hope you don't mind?

Anyway, it looks stunning. There's some seriously beautiful work on your site. Do you also have some wallpaper sized (thinking of 1280x1024)?
RE: The Light Compressor
Thanks - always feels good when some one likes my works : )

I actually *did try* to attach image first but it just didn't work. So that's why I finally attached file - I don't mind at all that you downloaded the file - that was the original purpose.

I don't have anything wallpaper sized right now but I've been planning that for a while. I have all my images in photoshop format and quite large so it's mostly my lazyness...

I'll give another try with image attachments with "Counting Sheeps" with this post.
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: The Light Compressor
What an imaginative works. At first glance they look somewhat random like allot of old mtv like grungy styles and then you start to see the story and purpose. My first thoughts are the same as lex: oeh, are there any desktop sized ones?

Also i think it is a really good idea to do these before you start on paying jobs, just to flex the creative muscles.
Personally however i seem to have trouble getting starting on anything after I've done a real creative gratifying job early in the day especially when the job at hand kinda sucks Wink

RE: The Light Compressor
wow colorianna, I really like both of these images you posted. I would love to have The Light Compressor as a poster on my wall Smile and i think Counting Sheep would make an excellent album cover.

I can't wait to see more from you. keep up the good work.
RE: The Light Compressor
I love that lightcompressor pic.. it´s surrueal. nice collage Smile
RE: The Light Compressor
Very creative, and as suggested probably a great 'limbering up' exercise to keep the mind fresh. I also thought the sheep looked like album cover art. Smile
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