These are three (of quite some) textures I´m doing for a little game project. (ingame shot)
The floor is 256² , the bricks and concrete are 512²

The source images used are:

Really great stuff on this site here Very Happy
I´ll probably make the textures available under CC once the project is done one day.
And imageafter get´s a big thanx in the credits of course!

The attachment didn´t work it seems.
here it is:
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: Textures
Hey thats so cool! But strange the attachment did not work. You do need to first browse for you image and then press attach. This is to add multiple images/files. Lets test if it is broken...
RE: Textures
Ahh, I guess I didn´t press the "Attach" button. Smile
RE: Textures
wow... impressive Smile
RE: Textures
Nice tiling on the textures.
RE: Textures
Thanks for the kind replys.. I am still working on this game, and almost every texture is based on or uses imageafter photos to some extend.
Sometimes I would just click random and get inspired to use the photos comming up for new textures.. this site is so great..
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