Lets Get this Show Room Rolling!
I figured since nobody has posted anything yet, I would take advantage and display this piece for you.
There's nothing really significant about it, just a little personal project. Let me know what you think. I enjoy feedback.

-v- TwiTch -^-

Higher Res Photo or Original Editable Document available upon request.
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Lets Get this Show Room Rolling!
Welcome TwiTch
Could you specify wich image*after images you have used in creating this?
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: Lets Get this Show Room Rolling!
If any ofcourse it is not required ofcourse Wink

It is very dynamic, just like a some futuristic fly swapper just killed its victem...but perhaps i should stop here before it says more about me than the illustration Wink

Original File
Sorry it took so long to respond.
- this is the original picture i used from image*after. I couldn't find it anywhere lol.
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