Free Texture Brushes
I created a few small brush sets here. Not as high rez as I should have but about 600px square.

Stormvisions Brushes
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Free Texture Brushes
Well, not bad either. Thanks for sharing!
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: Free Texture Brushes
Cool! never can have enough brushes! thanks bupaje!
RE: Free Texture Brushes
Ah, thanks for the kind words. Smile

I added a new section to the site and some scanned textures I used to make some of the brushes.

Texture Scans

Perhaps others will find them useful in their own creations to make brushes or as layers to add complexity.

I attached a small piece of one that I created with art paper, baking soda and vinegar. Eek
Free Video - Creating Texture with Brushes
I created a quick video to answer questions I received about how to use the brushes to create texture. It shows a few techniques which may be of interest to new ps users. See it here
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Free Texture Brushes
Just viewed your 'ramblings' Very Happy
Pretty convincing techniques - and ditto results.
Although I consider myself an experienced Photoshop user, I never would have thought of using the effects-panel in this way when it comes to texturing.. Thanx!
RE: Free Texture Brushes
Ah, thanks for the kind words. High praise coming from you. Smile
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