Tristan (Administrator)
Virtual desktop that works and looks cool too!
For a long time i was looking for a decent virtual desktop application.

This is a program that allows you to have more than one desktop on your computer. imagine having your browser on desktop one and your email client on desktop 2 and photoshop on desktop 3. you now have 3 clean desktops without multiple screens overlapping each other.

There are many virtual desktop clients but none i tested so far (quite a few!) played nice with photoshop or 3ds max. The one i found today does not only play nice with those apps but also looks kick ass. It is obviously taken from the linux folks as i´ve seen exactly this at Lex place for quite some years now. But finally i can use it too!

check out their videos on the site
Lex (Administrator)
RE: Virtual desktop that works and looks cool too!
I came across "Dexpot" in an article and thought of your post. Don't know if it matches up against Topdesk, but then again it's free:
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: Virtual desktop that works and looks cool too!
Doesn't look as cool as mine, but perhaps it will work even better, i did not try this one yet! I did a test on my work machine with topdesk. i have a triplehead2go from matrox which allows me to have 3 monitors on one videocard output so in total i have four and it even worked on that with photoshop, 3ds max autocad and a browser open! see attachment
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Virtual desktop that works and looks cool too!
Geez, 4 monitors and even then not enough desktop-space...
What kind of programs are you running man?! Very Happy
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