abstract search
what is an abstract search?
You don't know which specific image you're after, but you do know what kind of image you're looking for. It's sort of...dark, and with metal in it, and has a shiny surface. Oh, and another one of something plant-like, very bright with lots of contrast. The abstract search engine lets you define the qualities of the image(s) you want and then selects them based on your criteria.

how does it work?
Below you'll see some details you can fill in which will be used in your search. Some of them have to do with what the image's actually about, some with the image's texture, and some with the shape displayed in the image. Select how these qualities should appear in the image(s) you're looking for, or just leave them as they are if you don't want to include these qualities in your search.
You must at least define two search criteria.
Define how the image should look
brightness Do you want your image bright or dark? Brightness
contrast Do you want high or low contrast in your image? Contrast
sharpness Do you want your image to be crisp or without much detail? Crispness
warmth Do you want your image to have a warm feeling or a cold one? Warmth
What's the texture of what's on the image like?
texturesmoothness Should the texture be smooth or rough? Smoothness
texturesoftness Should the texture be soft or hard? Softness
textureorganicness Should the texture be of an organic or man-made quality? Organicness
textureglossiness Should the texture be glossy or matte? Glossiness
texturetransparency Should the texture be transparent or not? Transparency
What's the shape of what's on the image like?
shapeorganicness Should what appears have an organic shape or man-made? Organicness
shapesmoothness Should what appears have definete edges or of a more smooth shape? Smoothness
All done? (You must at least define two search criteria) Then:
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