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Here you can subscribe to the funky newsletter of image*after. You will recieve a weekly newsletter which will guide you to the newest images of the past week. There is no other easy way of quickly checking the latest additions, this newsletter will be your main source of information. Apart from these images, there will be regular updates on news, intended foto-shoots and feedback to posted questions or requests.

To subscribe, simply fill in your email address to the left and a notification mail will be sent to you, and you will be automatically added to the list of newsletter recipients.
If you are already subscribed and want change the nature of the newsletter to 'plain text' or 'html' just fill your email address in the 'change newsletter' box and click 'change'. When you where receiving a 'plain text newsletter' it wil be changed to 'html newsletter' and visa versa.

pick 'n choose
You can choose Choose between 2 flavours of the same newsletter.

plain text newsletter
If you choose the 'plain text' version you will receive newsletters containing just text and the links to the new images and textures.
You might want to choose this version if your email program cannot handle images.

html newsletter
This is a snazzy version of our newsletter. In this version you view the thumbnails of the new additions right there in your mailbox. The thumbs are not actually send to you so the newsletter is not much bigger than the plain text version.
This version will only work if your email program can handle images (most of them). When no images are shown you might want to check if the newsletter is marked as spam and unmark this.

Well I guess you could consider unsubscribing, but where is the fun in that? Just imagine: never getting those lovely newsletters filled with updates not to mention you lose the option of bragging about having friends that actually send you mail!
But go ahead, see if we care....
Don't come running back now if you figure out you can't live without your fresh dose of textures and images.
Just fill in your email adres you subscribed with in the box to the left.
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